Like the sun

Mario Cimarro a charismatic artist

Mario Antonio Cimarro was born on June 1st, 1971 in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 20 he decides to leave Cuba to make his dream come true : becoming an actor. Mario goes to Mexico and he is lucky to study arts with Adriana Barraza and Sergio Jimenez as professors. He successfully graduated in drama arts. In 1996 he began his first role with Leonardo Di Caprio in the cinema movie Romeo and Juliet.

This movie is a successful beginning : many roles in foreign movies are offered to him. His international career is brilliant : Pasion Gavilanes, The body of Desire and Love, Ocean… the three most worldwide seen telenovelas – and translated into many languages – give him a role.  We can see him as the main actor in all three series and that stays to him one of his most beautiful achievements. His role player is unanimously appreciated by his audience. Being easily identifiable to a relative, he knows how to be part of his fans’ daily life.

"Be your own sun
and seize the day"